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MoYu RS4M 4x4 Magnetic Cube Professional Stickerless Speed Puzzle Cube

MoYu RS4M 4x4 Magnetic Cube Professional Stickerless Speed Puzzle Cube

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THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE 4x4 Speed Cube Ever - We are pleased to announce that the MoYu RS4M 2020 is the best economy magnetic 4x4 speed cube ever. This RS4M2020 is released by famous speed cube brand MoYu and it is not worse than any other high-class magnetic cube. Why not take this cube home with you

EXTREMELY STABLE  -  The cube comes with the DUAL ANTI-POP FEET and DUAL ANTI-STICKY DESIGNS and it has been lubricated and tested by the manufacturer. It is a good cube to be your main 4x4 cube and help you to break your PB(Personal Best Record).

FULLY MAGNETIC POSITIONING - Magnets are essential to a REAL speed cube. The Moyu RS4M 2020 has 96 magnets firmly installed in the cube to provide a better turning experience and make the cube much more stable and more controllable.

SMOOTH and FAST - This RS 4 M 2020 4x4 speed cube comes with an anti-stick design. It can lower the viscosity between layers of the cube when you turn the speed cube. Moreover, MoYu Cube has enhanced the corner cutting design which has greatly enhanced the speed cube performance (Smoother and Faster).

NEW STICKERLESS DESIGN - Differing from the traditional cubes which were covered by stickers, the new stickerless design provides a more convenient inspection during the solving. You will enjoy a better speed cube-solving experience.

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